Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I thought I'd write another.

Well hello.

I thought I'd write another blog post because the last one didn't say much really but this one isn't an introduction so it'd be awkward to add to the last one. So the topic of this one is: Stuff I did today.

So, what did I do? Well before you say it I know you don't give a damn, and no I didn't do one and no I won't. But yeah, feel free to add insults in the comments, maybe we can have a competition to see who can come up with the best ending for the sentence "today I _______". Or maybe not, because nobody cares and nobody will comment. I'm not saying that because I'm hurt about it but instead it's because I'm blunt and I like to speak the truth even if it hurts because I'm probably dead inside.

But yes, what did I do today? Well I went to the hospital to see some surgeon who's putting me on his waiting list for butchering me. He's gonna cut me leg up and sort it out because I have bad knees and also I got a referral for physiotherapy today so I at least stand a chance when he attacks me with his knife and drill. I wonder if he wears a hard hat with that black n decker drill he uses? At the very least I hope he wears protective eyewear...

Erm, also I made phone calls to people about appointments and that and I bought some ice creams from the shop because it's warm outside and ice cream tastes alright. Oh yeah and I bought some hot chocolate too because the marketing department are good at making you buy shit you don't need, I think it's called impulse buying or doing em over.

I'm really hungry and I'm wondering if this is the worst blog in the world yet. I hope so, because I'm getting a bit tired of all this hard work. Maybe I should complain more and not proofread my posts.

Er, so that's it really. I'll probably update this blog again soon with more shit I felt like saying. It's in the URL really. Bye, enjoy your tea. Tell us what you're having in the comments box if you fancy, oh and also finish of that sentence too from earlier on in the post if you like.

Well you gotta start somewhere


Well, I figured I'd make a blog. Summat to do, isn't it.
So, I'll start with the basics I guess.
My name's Emma, I'm 19 soon to turn 20 and this blog is probably going to be absolute shite. Then again, my intention in writing this blog isn't to be a good one anyway or to get followers, instead I'm writing it to keep track of my life I guess. Erm, dunno what I'll have blog posts about, maybe some stuff I stumble across in my daily life or what the weather's like or what I had for tea last night.
So er, yeah. If you're reading this you should probably go read something more interesting because this is piffle. Unless you like stuff like this.
Happy easter and that.